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Randi Weingarten and NYC teacher Tamara Simpson

Attacks on public education in America by extremists and culture-war peddling politicians have reached new heights (“lows” may be more apt), but they are not new. The difference today is that the attacks are intended not just to undermine public education but to destroy it.

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Union building representative at Burns Latino Studies Academy Mary Russell was among the members to urge the legislature to adopt recommendations in the recent school paraprofessionals staffing study. Click here to read her testimony.


The Legislative  Conference  will be held in February 2, 2012 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.                           Legislative Office Building... 210 Capital Ave...Room 1D...  Hartford Ct .  Please RSVP  to Teri @ 860 257 9782 ... Breakfast and Lunch provided.


Best Wishes for a Happy New Year....log on to your HPS web mail to read The New Year message from one of our Presidents Shellye Davis.

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